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Loiske Ensemble – Artistic expériences for babies and children


Zu liikkuvat viuhkat

Loiske Ensemble was founded in 2006 when dancers Laura Kairamo and Riikka Siirala started their first artistic process together. The mission of the Loiske Ensemble was to make performances for little children under the age of three. Performing for babies and toddlers was a new experiment for both of them and it led to an exploration on how to communicate with the smallest spectators.

They developed their own artistic way to communicate with babies. The performance language was based on movement and sound produced live on stage in close contact with the audience. They looked for the means of communicative body that is present here and now, respecting the uniqueness of every baby.

The Little Miracles was a success. Riikka and Laura realised that there were only few performances for this age group and huge interest. The Little Miracles  toured over 50 times during 2006-2008 in cultural centers, theatre houses, institutions and kindergartens. The performance was also invited to several dance festivals in Finland and The International Theater Festival for Children in Bucharest, Romania.

While touring The Little Miracles Riikka and Laura started to create a new piece continuing with the same method; developing the sound&movement communication, imagination and music. They created a solo piece called Kukuluku that could be performed in even the tiniest venues.

Kukuluku had its premier in September 2008 and it has been touring in the Helsinki area with almost 40 performances between the years 2008-2013. Kukuluku has been invited to several dance and children festivals in Finland.

In the process of Kukuluku Riikka started to dream about an interactive baby performance. She also investigated the history of baby performances in Finland and researched the elements and interaction in performances of Loiske Ensemble. (Siirala, Riikka. Dance Performances for babies. Metropolia. 2012)

zukkis_korttiSoon after musician & composer Juha Kujanpää and actress Heidi Syrjäkari joint the Ensemble. Together they continued the idea of sound&movement communication and combined it with onomatopoetic songs and rhythms. The newest performance Zukkapaitupumbula had its premier in March 2013. Zukkapaitupumbula includes elements from both a dance performance and a collective dance with audience.

And the exploration continues….


BabyTango – a dance performance and a dance for babies

kuva: Eleonoora Mikkola

BabyTango (2017) combines a performance experience and a shared dance session for babies and their companions. Tango is a feeling – it is about listening, a shared flow of movement, surrendering, leading and being led. BabyTango deals with the relationship between the baby and the parent, which is intense, wonderful, wild, sensitive and unique. It is a state of understanding without words, where movements, gestures, emotions, voices and sounds express what is essential – since there are no shared words yet. BabyTango is a moment of interaction, communication and love.

Choreography and performing: Riikka Siirala
Music and performing: Mari Kätkä (accordion)
Assistance with Directing: Antti Larmola
Costume Design: Saija Siekkinen
Lighting Design: Sauli Närhi
Concept: Riikka Siirala, Mari Kätkä ja Antti Larmola
Production: Loiske Ensemble and OSIRIS Theater

Age recommendation: 0-1 years
Duration: 25 min performance + 15 min dancing together
Language: suitable for all languages


BabySauna – Dance Performance for Babies

Kuva: Dorit Salutskij
Kuva: Dorit Salutskij

BabySauna (2015) is Loiske Ensemble’s dance performance for 0-1 year old babies and their families or care-takers. BabySauna takes you to the world of the original Finnish sauna and its magical sounds, scents, rhythms and colors. BabySauna is based on movement, sound and kinesthetic stimulations. There are no language or cultural barriers.

Choreography and performing: Riikka Siirala
Directing: Antti Larmola
Sound Design: Suvi Isotalo
Costume: Saija Siekkinen
Textiles: Lapuan Kankurit
Photos: Dorit Salutskij
Video Trailer: Juha Ikävalko
Production: Loiske Ensemble and OSIRIS Theatre
Duration: 30 minutes

Gallop and giddy-up! – sounds of whinnying and clatter of hooves!

Kuva: Antti Ratinen
Kuva: Antti Ratinen

This cheerful, eclectic and engaging dance performance is a country and western adventure involving two cowboys and their rhythmic horses (premiere 2014). Sounds of whinnying and clatter of hooves are combined with melodic and athmospheric soundworlds and the lively cowboys are swept into dancing with their lassos. This western inspired performance is created by composed music, live vocals and dance movement. It creates a bizarre yet welcoming world of it´s own. During the performance the audience is encouraged to participate, make sounds and movements and become part of the country adventure. The performance is recommended for children from 2 to 6 years old and it is also suitable for kindergarten groups.

Choreography and Performing: Anna-Maija Terävä ja Riikka Siirala
Sounds and Music: Juha Kujanpää
Costumes: Niina Pasanen
Photography: Antti Ratinen
Duration: 40 minutes
Audience: from 2 to 6 years old



Kuva: Anna Mattsson
Kuva: Anna Mattsson

Zukkapaitupumbula (2013) is a sensitive, communicative babydance performance for the smallest spectators. It stimulates senses through beautiful melodies, enjoyable rhythms and a joy of dancing. Zukkapaitupumbula invites the audience to experience the magical moment of performance together.

Choreography: Riikka Siirala, Heidi Syrjäkari
Music: Juha Kujanpää
Performers: Riikka Siirala, Heidi Syrjäkari, Juha Kujanpää
Costumes: Niina Pasanen
Graphic design: Anna Mattsson/Suomi Design
Audience: 0-1 years old children with companion
Duration: 30 minutes


kukuluku hyppyKukuluku (2008) is a dance performance for babies and families. The performance is based on communication through movement, sound, rhythm and colours. Kukuluku guides you from transformation to another, from being worm to a whistling bird and from silence to african rhythms. Kukuluku tickles your senses!

Choreography and Directing: Laura Kairamo
Dance and sounds: Riikka Siirala
Costumes and scenography: Niina Pasanen
Graphic design: Anna Mattsson/Suomi Design
Audience: 0-1 years old children with companion
Duration: 30 minutes

The Little Miracles


The Little Miracles (2006) is a dance performance for babies. This non-verbal and colourful performance is a warm experience that suits for babies and all ages. The little miracles of life are presented here and now, close at hand. The music is produced live on stage.

Choreography: Riikka Siirala and Laura Kairamo
Dance and sounds: Riikka Siirala and Laura Kairamo
Audience: 0-1 years old children with companion
Duration: 25 minutes


All our performances are mobile and easily performed in different venues with or without theatre lighting. Performances of Loiske Ensemble communicate with other means than language so non-Finnish speaking audience is very welcome.

BabyTango, BabySauna and Zukkapaitupumbula are suitable also for the elderly persons and they can be performed for the audience of elderly people and babies together.

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